About Us


All of our websites are clean, non-cluttered, and designed to convey the required info easily and concisely.


No matter where you are in the world, modern times allow us to work together without the constraint of distance.


Website behaviour can make or break a site, so a top priority for us is to program with optimal responsiveness in mind.


Being as small as we are means that we are easily contactable, even if you require a quick amendment to your site after it is online.

The Pursuit of a Better Web

A bit about us

Here at Limberg Designs, we (just like everyone else) thoroughly dislike trying to navigate through clunky, slow, and aesthetically displeasing websites.

Indeed, this can be very offputting for visitors and can drive potential clients away from your business. We founded Limberg Designs with a goal to do the very opposite; we strive for perfection and go the extra mile to achieve it.